Dry eyes occur when the quality and quantity of your tear film is decreased. This is a very common illness and affects millions of adults in the United States. The prevalence of dry eyes is more common in women than men. Studies have shown this may be due to decreased estrogen levels in women with advancing age. The signs of dry eyes include scratchiness, itchiness or feelings of a grain of sand in the eyes. This condition can also cause blurriness and feelings of lid heaviness. Dry eyes can also be caused by medications, autoimmune disorders, smoking, seasonal allergies, insufficient blinking and after eye surgery. Premier Eye Physicians has been distinguished as a “Dry Eye Center of Excellence.” This is awarded to eye care facilities that offer the latest diagnostic and treatment options available for this condition. Treatments include LipiFlow to increase tear production. We look forward to seeing you at Premier Eye Physicians for your evaluation and latest treatment options for dry eye disease.