Once it has been determined that you have cataracts the option for which type of surgery to have has also advanced. The standard or conventional way to have cataract surgery is with a blade or scalpel making the initial incision and performing part of the procedure. We now have the option for laser assisted cataract surgery. As the name implies the laser is able to perform part of the surgery which includes initial incisions and also the capsulorhexis. This is the part of the procedure that creates a perfectly oval opening in the top of the cataract.  In addition to this the laser can also help to disrupt the cataract itself to allow easier removal. The laser assisted cataract surgery is essentially a two-step procedure. The initial laser part of the procedure is done prior to the actual cataract surgery on the same day. This is the newest technology in cataract surgery and Premier Eye Physicians is proud to be able to offer this option.